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Blake Anthony, Inc. is a production company that focuses on socially responsible issues, which impact large segments of the population. The Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc. (BAF, Inc.), along with Blake Anthony, Inc., primarily collaborates with authors, writers, lyricists, and various other artists to produce powerful interpretations of life through arts, films, and charity events in Miami, FL. Through the assistance of these individuals, we are hosting our first Annual Six-Day Cancer, Obesity, and Malaria Awareness Charity Events on June 29th - July 4th 2020. Call today to learn more!

Blake Anthony Foundation, Inc

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Our initiatives spotlight the need for health awareness, positive ethics and morals, and other critical social issues facing our society today. We have assembled a wide array of highly influential people to help us in our work — everyone from professional athletes and actors to politicians has agreed to participate in and/or support our charity events. Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience in the production and film industries, and they are devoted to our cause.

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